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The Harriet Schock Online songwriting Course features the same material that Harriet taught at the University of Southern California and in Phoenix under the auspices of the Arizona Songwriter's Association.  Students receive personal attention from Harriet with every lesson, and communication is closely maintained via mail, e-mail, fax or phone, at the student's preference.Hundreds of students have improved their skills with this course and have set their feet firmly on the road to becoming remarkable.  Read what some of them have to say...

Harriet Schock's songwriting class has had a profound affect on my writing. What I learned in just the first few weeks totally changed the way I look at the title and the chorus. Her immediate assessment and incredible ear are assets not to be taken lightly. You need to meet and work with this woman! -- Joan Enguita, Lancaster CA
I've enjoyed Harriet's songwriting workshop, and I've benefited from it in countless ways. I'll be sad when it is over, but I will also be a much stronger songwriter. When I nail my first hit single, Harriet Schock will be at the top of my list of people to thank! -- Scott Brause
I've just finished taking Harriet's class for the second time and I couldn't be more excited about the results (again)! The first time through was a wonderful "eye opener" that there are specific steps a songwriter can use to write a song, and hands down these steps work, no matter what (even when I wasn't inspired)! But in taking Harriet's class for a second time through, I realize that I needed this class for a second time. The steps Harriet has come up with are so full of "meat" that they have a different meaning to me this time. The icing on the cake is that Harriet's knowledge and instinct on the subject of songwriting coupled with her honesty and respect of the individual artist is an absolute thrill! Thank you, Harriet, for permanently changing me into a songwriter and showing me the way to a standard of excellence that I can achieve! -- Sally Zito
In taking Harriet Schock's class for the second time, I learned how to do an effective Character Study-one with depth---that reveals my character in an interesting, provocative way. -- Chauncey Isom
My typical writing style is to stare at a blank page for days, sometimes brainstorming with bizarre lists of "key" words. Then when an idea comes to mind I quickly throw down lyrics, melody and music. This feast and famine style has resulted in more than a few mediocre songs waiting for a daunting rewrite. Harriet's song writing steps are a fresh process that boosts a writer quickly past the blank page doldrums, then gingerly through the lyric and melody composition, resulting in a song that communicates in word, melody and music. -- Dennis Jagard of Ten Foot Pole
As songwriters we are constantly searching for our truth in our songs and the process in Harriet's class allows one to get to the core of that truth and find the story. The whole story. In my case I found quite a bit of healing as well and I will use this process to finish or perhaps rewrite so many songs that I wasn't clear on the story I wanted to tell. Now I know how to get clear. Great!! -- Diana Kouassi
Harriet Schock has brought so much clarity to my songwriting. She's passionate about the art and craft of songwriting. Through her instruction I've gained a greater appreciation and respect for the marriage between words and music. -- Kevin Moore
Harriet's class is fun, supportive and extremely helpful to the creative process. She has inspired the most fulfilling writing I've ever done. I will definitely continue studying with her. -- Anna Montgomery
As a trained composer I came to Harriet hoping to solve the tangled mess I would make whenever I tried to marry music to lyrics. What I got was much more than that! Harriet showed me the awesome power and beauty of simple, direct communication in both music and words. Her methods have unblocked me and improved my overall musicianship a great deal. As a teacher she has amazing listening skills and the ability go right to the heart of the matter with her students. I would recommend her to any songwriter at any level!! -- Cameron Weckerley
The course addresses you as an individual. It doesn't stress any particular style of music or lyric, but it takes you from where you are now to a place of greater competence and creativity. The more experienced you are, the more you will get out of the course. Though not designed for beginners, if you are new to songwriting, my course can be adapted to suit your level of experience and ability. As a professional you will fine tune your skills and address some of the problems you have encountered. As a novice you'll build your confidence and develop good songwriting habits from the start.

Harriet's steps are focused and effective. Her techniques will save years of haphazard learning. I heard each participant take the seed of an idea to craft an extremely well-written, powerful song. The effectiveness can't be doubted after witnessing the results for myself. -- Grace Vincent

Before taking Harriet's class I spent 30 hours and $500 learning something that could have been taught in 30 minutes for $5. Harriet is a gifted teacher, as evidenced by the fact that every member of the class has written a better song, in my opinion, than the one they brought in the first day. Learning from Harriet is exciting, empowering, and WORTHWHILE. -- Patricia Zehentmayr
Harriet's class gives you the benefit of her judgment, not criticism, and it provides real tools for pulling out unique and telling details that make your work unique. She focuses on the work, not the blather. Students wind up with a series of steps that are helpful at any level from beginner to professional. When I get my Grammy, I'll thank Harriet. -- Stephanie Voss
Harriet's class gave me invaluable songwriting tools that I have used when I have "writer's block," or when I get stuck in a particular train of thought. -- Kimberlee Lauer
Harriet's songwriting class is fantastic! I now know how to really communicate through my songs! I had a four-year writing block. Not any more!! I have the tools to write a songs whenever I want to, even if I'm not 'inspired.' I look forward to future classes with Harriet Schock! -- Jill D. Coleman
Harriet Schock's songwriting class inspires, encourages and informs the songwriter on how to truthfully create a concept that will flourish into a powerful message expressed through lyric, melody and music. Her class is a safe haven for the creative spirit to live and grow. -- Clarolyn Maier
During the 10 short weeks of Harriet Schock's songwriting class, I saw raw beginners conceptualize, develop and complete (with melodies mind you) songs as good as I've come up with after 34 years as a professional songwriter. I find myself humming their tunes all day long, surprised and delighted to realize that these fresh new songs aren't from the radio (yet) but belong to various of my fellow students. The same skills that brought these beginners so far took my own writing to a fresh new level. I am excited about the future. In fact, I am already working on two new songs -- and the class only ended yesterday! Thanks Harriet. -- Terry Wolf
Harriet is a rare and wonderful blend of artist and teacher, fueled by a seemingly inexhaustible font of energy and enthusiasm. Her input in the areas of both words and music means that every song I write these days is absolutely the best song it can be. -- Leslie Claussen 
There may be other songwriters of Harriet Schock's caliber (though I wouldn't care to bet on how many), but how many of them possess the rare combination of knowing how to impart their craft to others, and the willingness to spend the time to do so? Anyone who is serious about a successful career in songwriting shouldn't miss an opportunity to study with Harriet Schock. Besides being well-versed in the craft, she can be quite an inspiration. -- Bruce Larsen 
Harriet's technique has totally transformed my writing, given it direction and focus. I consider her sort of a midwife for my works in progress. -- Frank Johnson
When I came to America three weeks ago, I had written only three songs in two years for my new CD. Now I have the best CD I've made to date, and ten of my best songs ever. It was quite inspiring to talk to someone who understands songwriting to that degree. -- Andrej Surer 
Harriet Schock's information and technologies for writing great songs have been invaluable for me. for any serious writer it's a top priority. -- Bruce Miller 
I took Harriet's class four years ago and I'm still using the techniques. In fact, I've written more in the past four years than I have all my life. -- Dale Gonyea 
For me, Harriet's greatest virtue as a teacher is that she LISTENS. She helps me find the core of a song and make certain that all of the lyrics and the music are true to that core. Her style of teaching has also helped me find and define my own personal style. -- James F. Dean
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