Regarding Harriet Schock's consultation, let me give you an analogy: your car stops running, you open the hood and stand gawking at a confusing collection of metal, wire, and rubber, you poke around, hit something, and the car starts. Next time it happens, you can't remember where you poked to make it go. You might get it started, you might poke and further disable it. You might give up, close the hood, and decide to stop driving for good.

Well, songs, like cars, have their parts and if you don't understand them you could get stranded. Harriet Schock's system is to thank for the better songs I have written. I would not dare show the songs I wrote before I began studying with her except to show how much I have grown and improved since.

- Steve Wagner

Harriet's method of critiquing songs focuses on what is good or right about a song and expanding those strong points.  This service is offered for $65.00 per song.  If songs are sent as a package, then the cost is $65.00 for the first song and $40.00 for each additional song.  Critiquing can be done by regular mail or e-mail.

Consultation services and critiquing are generally offered to qualified students who have completed her 10-week course, either in person or the Online songwriting Course.  In rare instances a student who has not done the course may qualify. E-Mail Harriet with any questions or to arrange an interview.

"Song Critique" $65.00 for first song and $40 for each additional song in the same package. Include lyric sheets and email Harriet for mailing address.

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