Listen to a Sample of Rosebud

Harriet with her father
Dr. Arthur Schoch

patsy cline

fool that i was

i'm gonna hold
you to that

dreaming of 

worn around
the edges

last love song 
 it flies

a tree grows
in brooklyn

over & over & over


o.k. you win,
i give up
(you're right,
i'm gone) 

you are
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r o s e b u d

orson tells the story so well 
and despite the lack of snow in texas 
i see myself 

and every time i watch it again 
i see parts of life 
that i've always been 

the sweetest moments 
fading like snapshots 
in old trunks 
of faces no one living quite remembers 
but crushed between the pages 
of a well read book of poetry... 
a rosebud 

some believe that time is no friend 
while others insist that they've learned 
how to bend it 
their way 

well, i see a mansion 
with hallways and big rooms 
with footsteps 
and mem'ries 
but only one that really lingers 
and safe within the pages 
of my favorite book of poetry... 
a rosebud 

maybe i lost my sled later than kane did 
but it's gone, all right 
just the same... 

so i do what i do every day 
and i do what i do 
'cause i've found a way 
to do it 

oh, but when night falls 
and clocks stop and dreams come 
i'm back there 
and sometimes when i least expect it 
his arms hold me 
and over all the pages 
of all my books of poetry... 

Words & Music by Harriet Schock