patsy cline

fool that i was

i'm gonna hold
you to that

dreaming of 

worn around
the edges

last love song 
 it flies

a tree grows
in brooklyn

over & over & over


o.k. you win,
i give up
(you're right,
i'm gone) 

you are
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i'm gonna hold you to that

underneath the hunger and the anger and the pain 
and the fear of losing everything in one long rain 
i've noticed that the heat of passion only sets the stain 
of your love... in my blood... runnin' through my veins 

we were standing in the kitchen 
as i recall 
you were looking at my eyes 
i was looking at the wall 
and I told you I was scared 
to take the fall 
and you nodded 

I told you about my father 
and the fact that he had died 
that i'd never replaced him 
as hard as i had tried 
and you said that you would live 
and i cried 
and you nodded 

i'm gonna hold you to that 
i've got to know that it's true 
I don't like fading to black 
I thought I told you 
you tell me things'll be fine 
that you're not ending the world 
I need to hold you to that 
I need to hold you. 

we were arguing in the driveway 
about security 
and you started talking money 
and I tried to make you see 
that my pilot light was still your heartbeat 
and you nodded 
where I come from a nod is like a yes 
and yet the way you give me answers 
it's just anybody's guess 
and yet I think I heard you confess 
when you nodded . . . 

Words & Music by Harriet Schock