"Get this CD for the love of from-the-heart musical storytelling, get it for the good feeling all over it will give you. Harriet Schock is as original and down to earth as they come. In a world of synthetic products and people this is a reminder of our humanity, sensitivity, and that the music can be as real as we are. "
Keith Hannaleck, www.musicdish.com

"On a technical note, this ain‚t no garage band demo from the living room. Some live albums leave you running for the studio version, none of that here. Play it Ó close your eyes. The hall and mix are so clean Harriet is playing in your living room with your best friends in attendance."

"That it has taken 27 years (actually, closer to 28) for a quality songwriter like Harriet Schock to release a live album is a major statement about the record industry, and Live From Fairfax to Pasadena better just be part one in a series of live performances by this artist on disc. Live: From Fairfax to Pasadena is a great first step in bringing this important artist's past and future works back into the public eye."
Joe Viglione, allmusicguide.com


"In her new album, "Rosebud," Harriet Schock displays an uncommon talent and artistry. Her songs, full of metaphor and irresistible image, are moving, visually evocative and poetic. This is beautiful music at times, breathtaking."
- Steve Wycoff, Chairman, Creative Writing, Dept. of English, Lehman College, New York

"Schock, a fine singer who accompanies herself on piano (think of Joni Mitchell‚s unadorned tracks from her classic period, as on Blue or Ladies of the Canyon), is unusually skilled at writing the personal song, and using memory details in her lyrics."
Paul Gabriel, Discoveries Magazine

"Ultimately, Schock‚s album is about empowerment, about self-realization. Rosebud is sophisticated pop. Strikingly packaged, it features the cream of California‚s session players, including Abraham Laboriel, guitarist Dean Parks and arranger, Jimmie Haskell."
Carlo Wolff, News Herald, Cleveland, Ohio

"What makes Schock such a compelling songwriter is her ability to look beyond herself (a rare gift in the singer/songwriter genre), resulting in touching, observational pieces. Add to this, Schock‚s earthy, expressive singing, and you have what surely ranks as one of the most important, impressive albums of the decade."
Charles Donovan, allmusicguide.com


  "Harriet Schock may be American music‚s best kept secret. After releasing three solo albums in the Œ70s, Schock picks up where she left off with American Romance, which could very well be called ŒAmerican Classic,‚ due to its fine songwriting by Schock and beautifully understated production by the late Nik Venet."
Nephi‚s Music World

"Harriet Schock is a rare talent. In today‚s music industry, Schock stands out because she gets back to the basics­fearlessly reveals the emotional dilemmas where most musicians fear to tread. "
Harriet Kaplan, Music Connection

"More than echoing the singer-songwriter tradition, American Romance renews popular music for the 21st century."
by Joseph Tortelli, Discoveries Magazine


"Harriet Schock's first album may not have enjoyed the success that it deserved, but it did spawn three popular covers....Hollywood Town's 10 tracks...the kind of high-comfort, major-key music that you hum without realising it, and then crave when it's gone - a sort of aural chocolate."
Charles Donovan, All Music Guide


  "'She's Low Clouds finds Schock dabbling in the same muscularly melodic songwriting as on her debut. Again, it is the incredibly strict adherence to craft, in terms of both music and words that lifts Schock above the competition."
Charles Donovan, All Music Guide


"Schock's third and final album for 20th Century Records..the songs all written by Schock ...deft, literate and accessible as anything on the earlier albums. .."Southern Belle" comes across as a less snide cousin of Joni Mitchell's 'Shades of Scarlett Conquering'..and the slyly threatening title track, with its clever, double-edged warning: 'Love can be the prison as well as the crime.'"
Charles Donovan, All Music Guide