Reviews of "Irene in Time"

"Harriet Schock's literate songs are characters in themselves; the harmonizing voices of Irene's recording sessions provide eloquent counterbalance to the soul-searching dialogue."
Sheri Linden, L.A. Times

"Multi-platinum songwriter Harriet Schock’s music and lyrics are a full-fledged character throughout, as complete songs are used, and the visual images mix appealing images of sailing and beach waves with in-studio performances. The use of the live band shots give Jaglom a set of tools that reach beyond the usual filmmaker’s hard-cut or lap-dissolve to transition from one scene to another. And to the extent the songs create interludes, they never take you away from wanting to see what will happen next. The songs illuminate the storyline and broaden both the appeal and the impact."
Larry Wines, Acoustic Americana Music Guide

"The soundtrack makes the movie. Composed of original pieces written by Harriet Schock serves as intermissions between scenes and adds depth to the plot. Frederick shines as a singer. She performs the main track, "Dancing with My Father," so beautifully that it sheds light on the tragedy of Irene's loss. All the songs, from piano-based ballads to swingy jazz, gracefully capture the emotions in the film."
Cynthia Kang, The Daily Californian

"Prolific gold and platinum Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Harriet Schock is lending her narrative talents to the latest film directed by cinematic auteur Henry Jaglom. The feature, titled ‘Irene in Time,’ is centered on the complex relationships between fathers and daughters, and the potential lifelong consequences of these complex bonds. Schock’s contributions include four songs she performs on screen in conjunction with the film’s star, Tanna Frederick."
Dan Kimpel, Music Connection Magazine