Harriet Schock, The Music Maker, Exclusive

Posted by Tommy Garrett on Nov 8, 2009 - 2:02:46 AM

LOS FELIZ—Harriet Schock is a music maker, songwriter, recording artist and actress. When Henry Jaglom needed a soundtrack for his feature film, “Irene in Time,” he called on Schock and Andrea Marcovicci to create and perform songs for the picture. Schock also managed to land a supporting role in the film and does an excellent job as actress as well. It’s led to further work, also with Henry Jaglom in “45 Minutes From Broadway.”

Harriet Schock is one of the most outstanding talents in the entertainment business and she sat down recently with Canyon News to discuss her enviable and fabled career. “I love writing music, I love performing and I am very happy that there has been a lot of work for me lately,” said Harriet. Schock has a light emanating from within that stares at you when you watch her performing on the silver screen or on stage. Schock has played the lead role in “Getting My Act Together and Taking it On The Road” at the Doolittle Theatre. She’s also played the role of Bea in Karen Black’s play, “Missouri Waltz,” for which Harriet wrote all the songs.

Schock caught my eye as Sandi Fuse in “Irene in Time,” where she and her band appear on camera performing four of her hit songs. She also scored previously for Jaglom in “Going Shopping” and “Hollywood Dreams.” Harriet’s musical work includes writing the words and music to the number one hit, “Ain’t No Way To Treat A Lady.” Asked why she’s able to write such enchanting tunes about women, Schock laughed then stated, “I suppose it’s from a lot of life experience.”

David Proval and Schock in "Broadway"

Harriet Schock’s songs have been covered by Nancy Wilson, Smokey Robinson, Lee Greenwood, Gloria Loring and “The Little Mermaid” plus countless others. Her tunes have also been featured on many television shows. Acting and music making hasn’t been the only skill Schock excelled in. “I wrote a book called ‘Becoming Remarkable: For Songwriters and Those who Love Songs,’ which really meant a lot to me. It’s very important to me to help young people, especially young women break into the business and if I can lead by example, then I’m more than willing to do so,” said Schock.

Harriet also has received the L.A. Women in Music award in 2007 for career achievement and industry contribution. She also consults with other songwriters and teaches songwriting classes, privately and online.

Schock spoke about her new role as Sally in “45 Minutes From Broadway” by saying, “Henry Jaglom is a genius. This play is one of the best I’ve ever been lucky enough to work in and everyone of us get along so well as a cast. My favorite scenes are those that include David Proval, who plays my love interest, Larry Cooper,” exclaimed Harriet. Without giving away the plot, Larry’s not Sally’s only love interest in the play. Sharp writing makes the play unforgettable.

Schock takes plenty of time to explain her love for music, she always has a pen and pad nearby or in her purse, so whenever the inspiration for a song hits her, she’s quick to write it down. “I have been very lucky to collaborate with some of the most talented people in the music industry,” said Schock. Whether it’s feature films, radio, plays or television, chances are if you have been a fan of music, you’ve heard some of this great lady’s fine work. Schock agreed to soon give Canyon News more details on the new soundtrack of “Irene in Time,” which is available on CD at the artist’s Web site.