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THIS MONTH IN Discoveries 
by Joseph Tortelli

Harriet Schock's composing tugs at the heart and lingers in the mind. With spare-yet-satisfying instrumental and vocal accompaniment, the elegant pianist proves herself a riveting concert performer on Harriet Schock Live From Fairfax To Pasadena. Striving for nuance in an age of excess, she connects her crystalline voice to "Worn Around the Edges." a delicate
second-chance love ballad, and "Hers," a tender ode to her sister. With a hint of the Texas drawl that adds sparkle to her storytelling, Schock talks about the coffee shop encounters that triggered the swinging "Starbucks," an anthem for caffeinated Americans. Infusing the timeless movie line
"Rosebud" with a touching intimacy, the pianist creates a song that stirs new
impressions with each listening. Like the film that inspired it, Schock's "Rosebud" belongs among the standards.