HARRIET SCHOCK American Romance Future Schock FSD-19201-2 Best-known for writing Helen Reddy's 1975 smash Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady, Harriet Schock defies easy categorization: composer, vocalist, musician, teacher, author. Such wide-ranging experience allows Schock to explore lyrical and melodic subtleties on her latest CD, American Romance (previously issued on cassette). According to the credits, Nik Venet "produced and directed" American Romance, a tribute to the late producer's conceptualizing the disc as a seamless union of eight individual ballads. Nowhere is this more evident than on The Lady Suite, a fresh seven minute interpretation of Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady and One Time Lover. Emphasizing the melody, arrangement, and singer -- pianist, Venet adds understated strings and atmospheric background vocals, spotlighting the song and composer. Songs like OK You Win, I Give Up and the title track would be hits, if today's radio formats broke free of their narrow restrictions. Celebrating the cherished memories a parent imprints on a child, Schock connects her personal longings to universal sentiments on Dancing With My Father. In a rather different manner, Coyote empathizes with the plight of that animal as development encroaches. More than echoing the singer-songwriter tradition, American Romance renews popular music for the 21st century.

Joseph Tortelli, Discoveries Magazine, Jan. 2001 issue