I couldn't have been more enthralled or embarrassed tonight. You are MASTERFUL. As a story teller, as a songwriter, as a performer, as a leader, as a beautiful and sexy lady, you SHONE, and I was overjoyed watching and listening to you. You crack me up with your stories. So wonderfully human, and genuinely....real! Your songs so...perfect. And why the "embarrassment"? "Dancing With My Father". Even now my eyes are tearing up. I danced with my father. I heard him humming in my ears. (Tears are trickling down my face)...tears poured forth during your performance, (and I ain't EVEN on my period or within 2 weeks OF it!), so I just let them fall without changing my expression hoping no one would notice at a passing glance. Then I heard a sniffle behind me, and turned in time to see Laura (Dunn) wiping her eyes. I turned away, and in front of me the guy sitting next to this girl was pretending his eyes were strained and massaged them...we all felt it. 

Following that emotion, you recovered us beautifully back to the humor and hubris of your life, and it hit me like a rock. This show, and these songs, are truly, (in my very honest of honest opinions), "Tapestry" quality. Your performance, your singing, your...life in melodic poetry is the very essence of what made Carole King so treasured back in the 70's. Would that the rest of the world could see what I saw, and hear what I heard tonight! 

Your light shines so brightly, I am blinded with inspiration..

(In admiration, adoration, and...all that [rock!!] jazz ....),