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becoming remarkable
by Harriet Schock

Table of Contents

  • Foreword by Nik Venet
  • About the Chapters...
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction  


  • Step One:  Touch Somebody
  • If You're Doing It for the Money, You May Not Make Any
  • The Art & Craft of Songwriting
  • Songwriters ... A Community
  • Do We Know Where We're Coming From?
  • Stop and Look at Who's Listening
  • Straight Lines
  • Reality: The Training Wheels
  • Chimera Is Curable
  • Writing from the Inside
  • Songwriters Say It All
  • Art and Romance: An Analogy
  • Do You Read?
  • Cookies or Newspapers?
  • The New Literacy
  • Burning Desire to Communicate
  • Some Points to View on Viewpoints 


  • Truth vs. Facts in Songwriting
  • When Little Things Mean a Lot
  • Listen & Learn
  • Character Studies
  • You Talkin' to Me?
  • Judging Your Own Material
  • Everyday Treasures
  • Finding the Pony
  • He Says, She Says
  • Listeners Vote for Communication
  • That's Entertainment
  • Smoke and Mirrors  


  • Words or Music ... That Is the Question
  • Writing Words to Music
  • What, Me Study?
  • Melody - The Unsung Hero
  • The Rhythm of the Melody
  • Reading Music
  • Playing It by Ear
  • Customs & Critics & Rules (Oh, My)
  • But What Do Strangers Think?
  • Is There Life Between Songs?
  • "That Sounds Like It Belongs in a Movie"
  • Subject Matters
  • Titles: The Heart of the Matter
  • You Oughta Be Write in Pictures
  • Writing in the Margins
  • Writing in Space
  • Playing the Symbols Well
  • Cleverness and Subtlety
  • Starting with the Song