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Eddie Money 
Recording Artist/Songwriter 

Harriet's book provides the true essence of songwriting for the professional and the layman, as well.  Being a professional songwriter, herself, she transmits her knowledge of song with ease, color and emotion. Instead of the old verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, out, one can look at the "poetic justice" of their creation and have other alternatives to choose from . . . as, say a Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell or Schock, herself. A great read and a good kick in the pants for all those who want to write.  Start with this book and let yourself take over.

Arthur Hamilton
Composer, Lyricist "Cry Me a River" 

Harriet looks deep inside herself for the answers to questions.  We get to  know her through her true and sensitive lyrics, and we soon find that she is also answering our questions.  She writes with courage and grace and  honesty.  And, lucky for us, she wrote this book. 

Michael Duff 
Chalk FarM

In a business so deeply rooted in illusion and hype, it's quite refreshing to have the kind of splash- some- cold- water- on- your- face honesty that Harriet has given us in this book.  She seems to have gotten to the basics of what it's like to really feel, communicate, touch and write from the heart.  It made me remember why I started doing this songwriting thing in the first place.  Read it and be remarkable!

David Pomeranz
Multi-platinum Award Winning Songwriter and Recording Artist

Harriet Schock is, in my opinion, one of the few who have earned the right to be called a 'songwriting teacher.'  This is simply because she, herself, is a living, breathing virtuoso.  To listen to Harriet's inspiring and beautifully crafted work is to understand that this lady really knows her  business.  I find the principles she lays out in this book to be both workable and true and I dare say they can apply to any art form - even to the art of 'living life' itself.

Randy Sharp
President, National Academy of Songwriters 

Becoming Remarkable is filled with insights and answers . . . all of which have been well tested by Harriet's long run as a successful and internationally respected songwriter.  Her observations on the creative process, from first spark to completed work, are thoughtful and inspiring. 

A songwriter, novice or pro, would have to work real hard to avoid getting something out of this book.

Harriet Kaplan
Music Connection  

Harriet Schock is a rare talent. In today's music industry, Schock stands out because she gets back to the basics.

Steve Schalchlin
Composer/Lyricist, "The Last Session"
past Managing Director, National Academy of Songwriters 

Harriet Schock performs the amazing feat of being a precise, meticulous song craftswoman without sacrificing even an iota of the rich emotionalism that makes love songs worth listening to. 

Clarolyn Maier
Professional Vocalist/Harpist/Pianist 

Harriet Schock's writings on the craft of songwriting and her workshops have created a place for me where creativity and inspiration can find a safe haven to open up. The information is priceless and the process of the steps challenge the human spirit to deal directly with the truth.

Arthur Schlosser

Encouraging others to write with honesty and intelligence, Harriet shares her insights generously, revealing the strong and sensitive character that emerges in her own songwriting. I return to her articles frequently for sustenance and inspiration. 

Elizabeth C. Axford
NSAI, Pianist, Author, Songwriter 

Reading Harriet Schock's book was a real journey . . . a path of discovery into  myself and my songwriting. Her vignettes creatively tie songwriting to real  life, showing what an integral part of her life writing has become. Becoming Remarkable is truly an eye opener for all songwriters.

Steve Wyckoff
Director, English Composition, Department of English, Lehman College, New York 

The engaging prose style in Becoming Remarkable by Harriet Schock is, in part, driven by the same deep conviction that resonates in the moving images of her lyrics: the primacy of experience as the place to go to write songs or to write about writing songs. As her lyrics draw powerfully on the details of experience, her prose summons that premise in explaining the spark and process of songwriting.   

Ms. Schock's writing is uncluttered, intelligent, and honest. Full of compassion and insight, her ideas are grounded in a compelling reality, what she calls "the power and logic of reality to keep the song on course." As her subjects range from issues of gender to notions of literacy, her writing remains tough-minded and graceful. If you ever thought of writing a song or a poem, write it with this book in hand.

Beverly Houston
Co-Founder Dallas Songwriters Association 

Harriet Schock's Becoming Remarkable goes beyond stock talk about lyrics and melody and songwriting craft.  It delves into what makes a song communicate with truth, power and emotional impact.  Offering refreshing insight and advice, Schock also brings attention to valuable, often overlooked aspects of songwriting artistry.  By book's end, Schock makes it evident that it is both by nurturing the artist within and honing his craft that the songwriter and his song are propelled on their path to becoming remarkable.